Galaxy Fortunes has Closed as of November 30th 2022!

“Pursuant to section 13 of the Galaxy Fortunes Terms and Conditions ( (the “Agreement”), the Galaxy Fortunes website and all Services described in the Agreement will be permanently discontinued effective 11/30/2022. We thank all our customers for playing with us.

Upon discontinuation of the website and the Services, we will seek to refund players for all unused Game Tokens they have purchased from us. Payment of refunds is subject to the Agreement. Payments of refunds will be processed using the payment account information last provided to us by each player. If your most recently provided payment account information is no longer valid for any reason, please advise us of a current valid account bearing your name that will accept payment from us by email sent to

Players will not receive any payments or refunds on account of any Sweeps Tokens held in their accounts at the time the website and the Services are discontinued. Sweeps Tokens are credits that are associated with entering Sweepstakes and which have never been available for purchase, and which have only been available to players for free at intervals and under circumstances as identified from time-to-time in the rules of the applicable Sweepstakes.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your financial institution will accept payments from us into your bank account. We are under no obligation to check whether your financial institution will accept payments from us to your nominated bank account or online wallet. We will not make payments into an account or online wallet which does not match your verified name or the name you provided when registering your account, or that is not legally and beneficially owned by you.

If your financial institution will not accept payments from us or if the information you provide relating to your bank account or online wallet does not meet our requirements, you will be required to nominate an alternative bank account or online wallet for the payment, and there will likely be delays in the processing of the payment to you. If you are unable to nominate an alternative bank account or online wallet which meets the requirements set out in the Agreement within 30 days of a request from us to do so, we are not obliged to make the relevant payment(s) to you and we may in our discretion deem the relevant monies to be abandoned.

Where you provide us with the details of your financial institution, bank account or online wallet, you are solely responsible for the accuracy of those details. Where the details you provide are not accurate, and we process payment(s) using the details you have provided, the payment(s) is/are complete and we cannot and are not required to reverse or reissue the payment. 

If you believe you are entitled to any prizes pursuant to the Agreement and/or any Sweepstakes Official Rules, claims for such Prizes must be submitted on or before 12/25/2022 Failure to submit such claims by the said date may result in the voiding of any entitlement to any such prizes.”