Hot pot

Hot Pot

Be sure to bring a healthy appetite for fun and opportunities to win BIG when you login to play Galaxy Fortunes’ Hot Pot. Stirring the pot has never been so entertaining.

Our tasty-looking graphics will have your mouth watering for spicy scatters, zesty wilds, and jalapeno or wasabi- fueled jackpots that will make your eyes water (not from the chili peppers or horseradish) but from crying for joy as you see your bank account growing by leaps and bounds.

Hot Pot is a 5 by 5 reels game with 3125 ways to win. The board starts off blocked with locked symbols, so you will have to unlock the rest of the reels one lucky sake-marinated spin at a time.

As you play, you will be able to smell that sesame oil sizzling in the wok…(and hear the coins clinking).

No purchase is required. Play Hot Pot FREE now on our app or your browser.

Hot Pot